Frequently Asked Questions

Freemasonry and Masonic Lodge Membership

How old do I have to be to join a Masonic Lodge in Florida?

Answer: Currently, the minimum age requirement to petition a Masonic Lodge in Florida is 18.

Is Freemasonry a religion?

Answer: No. Freemasonry accepts men of all religions. The only requirement is that you must believe in Deity.

Is Freemasonry a secret society?

Answer: No. Freemasons are part of a worldwide fraternity of Brothers. While many of our rituals and communication are secret, or known only to Brothers, there is quite a bit of information made available to all regarding Freemasonry. If we were truly a secret society, we wouldn't be known to all people, and none of our symbols would be visible by anyone.

What do Masons do?

Answer: Masons believe in three principal tenets: relief, truth, and charity. As Masons, these tenets are exemplified not only within the fraternity, but throughout life. Freemasonry is a lifestyle, not a membership, and promotes family, honor, and the betterment of society. Masons currently contribute approximately $2,000,000 per day to various philanthropic organizations within the United States.

Can I be a member of two Masonic Lodges?

Answer: Assuming that you are in good standing with your home Lodge, you may petition a Florida Lodge for dual membership. A dual membership form is available here.

Do I have to be a Mason to join the Shriners?

Answer: Yes. All members of the Shrine are Master Masons in good standing.

If I petition a Masonic Lodge, will I be investigated?

Answer: Yes. The Digest of Masonic Law states that you must be a man of good moral character, and shall not have been convicted of a felony crime. As part of the petition process, you will be required to submit to a full background check. Additionally, an investigation committee from the Lodge will schedule a visit to your residence at a time convenient for you.

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